Educate, train and improve your dog’s behavior with EDUCAN

Strong affective bonds grow between dogs and people. It is indeed simple to make dogs love us: being there for them is enough. However, that simplicity is not applicable to their education since dogs belong to a different species and their ways to learn and communicate differ from ours.

Loving dogs well implies educating them and making their behavior suitable for the environment and circumstances where they have to live by achieving a comfortable, safe and responsible handling. Such skills involve the learning of abilities like a reliable recall, loose leash walking, or learning to wait for the handler. Ultimately these changes improve the dog’s quality of life as well as their owners’. At EDUCAN we offer you our help so that you make of the affective relationship with your dog the perfect asset to achieve the best results.

When the communication lines between both of you fail, your dog will be lost and unable to understand and properly adapt to the urban environments where we force them to live. In turn this can cause or further aggravate emotional or behavioral mismatches that can manifest themselves through aggression, fear, stress or anxiety, destructive behavior, loss of good hygienic habits etc. At EDUCAN we know how to deal with these problems effectively and respectfully. We sort them out in a manner that allows dogs and their owners to reestablish an easy and harmonious coexistence thus guaranteeing the welfare of all the parties involved.

We are the leading firm in Europe: We educate, train and modify the behavior of more dogs than any other company. Therefore, nobody can provide better help than us.