Welcome to EDUCAN

Dogs have made us a very special gift: their love. Dogs love us unconditionally, tirelessly.

They enrich our life with their company, help and friendship. We cannot deceive them, we should ensure that their lives are as full and happy as ours become in their company.

At EDUCAN we are devoted to study, assist you and teach you how to organize the coexistence between dogs and persons so that we manage to understand each other, communicate fluently and live happy together.

We are fortunate to work in what we love most: dogs and the persons who want to live with them. That is why you can count on us, because we want to have a great time with your dogs and to make them happy as much as you do.

At EDUCAN we offer you the best courses if you want to become a professional trainer and a specialist in canine education, but we can also help you to sort out your dogs’ issues and to educate them so that they become emotionally healthy companions with whom it is fun to spend time.

We want to share with you our experience and knowledge. We want to journey with you on the beautiful, fascinating and intense path that represents the opportunity to get to know dogs and live in their company.

Because dogs think and love us, and that is all what is needed to understand them and to make ourselves understood by them.