What makes for successful commercial training?

Publicado el 20 de mayo de 2009

Today it is easy to find quality training to learn how to train in our country, it is not as simple as knowing the keys to apply that knowledge to commercial training successfully, trainers with extensive knowledge of their work do not end up «settling» in the commercial field.

I believe that much of the problem is not knowing what commercial success is, and relying solely on the application of our technical knowledge, but success should also include two coordinates: customer satisfaction and positive balance between hours worked and the price of training.

If the customer is not satisfied, despite the work being optimal, we cannot speak of commercial success, we will not be able to count on their recommendation, or on the good publicity that they could generate for us, quite the opposite! I remember a Dogue de Bordeaux that heavily assaulted a family and whose owners, after a perfect job told me that actually, what to them seemed serious was it burying toys in the geraniums. Months of productive effort from my point of view did not result in customer satisfaction because of a detail that they had mentioned to me, but I did not deem it important (it is difficult to deem the geraniums important when you see a sixty-kilo dog getting up off the couch and growling and all of the family members running out of the room «because it had woken up on the wrong side of bed»).

The other critical point for success in commercial training is time optimization, most trainers I know have a strong commitment to their work and are persistent in search of results, even if they have to invest a lot of time to get them. This is good in itself, but can end up harming the trainer (if they have set a fixed price and have to triple the planned sessions) or the customer (if they pay by number of sessions and must take on the extra cost for sessions that were not initially planned). Again, although the training remains impeccable, we have not been successful: in one case we have worked almost for free and in the other our customer feels we have abused them, with the negative publicity that implies.

The following articles will explain a way to plan and conduct training that takes customer satisfaction and the optimal planning of the sessions into account, but beforehand we must establish that commercial success is achieved only when we have completed effective training, the client deems it effective and the balance between hours worked and the price of training is adequate.


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